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GM to cut 21,000 Jobs, shed Pontiac

GM is cutting another 21,000 jobs in what is already a hostile unemployment climate. Read the full article here.


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Economists See More Job Losses, 9.8% Unemployment

More bad news. Most of the 51 economists surveyed said that the unemployment rate will top 10% or higher and that it won’t stop rising until 2010 or later.

Here’s the original article- Click here.

But fear not, there are always companies hiring. You just have to look into industries that thrive during times of recession.

People will always eat, especially in times of depression. Therefore, try finding part time fast food jobs.

I recently went to an outlet mall in Camarillo, California about an hour north of Los Angeles on the 101 freeway and couldn’t believe how many people were there. It was packed! People buying all kinds of discounted clothes and items.

It was proof that no matter how dismal our economy is, people can’t stop the spending habit.

Clothing stores are also good candidates for part time job hunting. Because people still want to look good.

Get some ideas what part time jobs now hiring.

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How the Current Job Market May End Up Changing the Fast Food Industry

This global recession has hit us in so many ways. Here’s an interesting article that gives us something to think about.
Click here to read article

But regardless of how bleak the job news is, stay positive! The are still tons of fast food job positions available across the country!

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Sonic Drive-In Get Huge Grand Opening from Facebook Fan

There’s a great story about a guy who is a big fan of Sonic Drive-In who set up a facebook page and built a huge fan list for everyone who wanted to attend the grand opening of the new Sonic Drive-In in his local area in Wyoming.

850 people and counting were confirmed to attend the 6am grand opening. You can read the full story here

That’s the power of social networking!

Click here for the online job application for Sonic Drive-In.

Sonic Drive-In has part time job opportunities with great benefits.

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A New Way to Find Part Time Jobs

Unemployment numbers are at the highest levels they’ve been since the Great Depression. And even though so many people are unemployed, there are still tons of jobs to be found. Many popular franchises are constantly hiring and looking for newer staff and crew members.

In the old day, you used to have to get on your bicycle and go door to door asking for job applications, then taking the time to fill them out, the go back and drop them off.

With the berth of the internet, you can now save time and energy by filling out the job applications online. is one website that offers online applications for part time jobs

It’s a pretty clever idea because in the time it would take you to actually go to a few different restaurants and retailers to pick up applications and fill them out, you can go to and fill out ten times the number of applications in the comfort of your home, school, or local internet cafe.

As an example, you can fill out a McDonald’s online job application, then fill out a Jack in the Box online job application, and then a KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken part time job application, all within 30 minutes while listening to Pearl Jam in the background and watching your favorite daytime soap opera.

And if you still want to do it, many of the part time job listings have actual printable job applications (like McDonalds printable job application) that you can print at home and fill out by hand, then walking into the restaurant or company and dropping off the application.

Utilizing websites like Jobler to find part time jobs and employment is not only efficient, but effective. It is working smarter and not harder.

Don’t be discouraged by the ews you hear in the media. Yes unemployment is high, but there are still plenty of companies hiring.

Fill out as many online job applications as you can for a higher success rate.

Remember, like all things in life worthy of your attention, it’s a numbers game. The more job applications you fill out, the more interviews you’ll have, and the more job opportunities will come your way.

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