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Hourly Jobs, Teen Jobs, Job Application Online

Hourly jobs are abundant despite the current economic conditions.

Unemployment is at an all time high, but if you pay attention to all the stores, restaurants, fast food franchises, electronics stores, coffee shops, etc… you will see that many of them are hiring right now.

As you can imagine, many of their employments are high schoolers working high school jobs or jobs for teens, or college age, meaning that the also go to school during part of the day.

For many, they can only work limited hours. This means that franchises that cater to teen jobs and college student jobs, as well as seniors jobs, and other part time jobs for people looking to supplement their income, are constantly higher new employees to fill in the gaps and shifts that their current crew cannot work due to school obligations.

Unless you made wise investments in Bitcoin that are paying off handsomely right now, chances are you’ll need a job.

Hourly jobs can be found in any industry (too many to list), but most popular are fast food restaurants, retail jobs, and department stores.

You can find many hourly jobs and their online job applications at

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McDonalds Job Application: Kate Gosselin Says She Will Work at McDonald’s…

Following a bitter breakup between the heads of the household John and Kate, from the popular reality tv series “John and Kate plus 8,” Kate Gosselin says that’s she’s ready to work at McDonalds if she has to in order to support the kids.

See that? Working at McDonalds isn’t just for teens, college students, and senior citizens. Reality celebs find value in working at big fast food franchises like Mcdonalds as well.

Does Kate Gosseling know that we have the McDonalds job application online and printable Mcdonalds application?

The question is, how many burgers does she have to flip each day in order to make enough money to support 8 kids!

Good luck Ms Kate!

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