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Apply for Jobs Online: How to Get the Job You Want

Imagine more money in your pocket from getting the job you want. Picture yourself sitting back in your house, in front of your computer, and easily filling out job applications online.

Now that summer is over, it’s time to get back to work. Whether you are starting your job hunt for the first time in your life, looking for another part time job or hourly jobs, or getting back into the work force, is the place for you to get the ball rolling.

Some new online jobs applications have just been added to Jobler. Here are some of the latest updates.

Warehouse jobs


Cost Plus

Office Supply jobs


Office Depot

Office Max

Clothing store jobs



H & M


Banana Republic


American Eagle

Polo Ralph Lauren

Victoria’s Secret

Most Popular online applications for jobs


Burger King







Dunkin Donuts

Sonic Drive In

Click here to apply for all the jobs online.

The key to getting a job is persistence. This is the key to any kind of success in life. Keep going for it until you succeed.

There are countless stories of people taking so many rejections before they finally got hired. You have to remember that hundreds, if not thousands of other people, are applying for the same job that you’re applying for.

The key to getting notice over all the other applicants is your persistence, confidence, and hunger. You must ask yourself, “How hungry am I for this job?” “How bad do I want to get this job?”

Top 10 US cities with high paying jobs

The hungrier you are, the harder you must work to get the job. Be persistent and keep coming back to apply for the job(s) you want.

Others will also be very hungry for the same job so you must show that you are hungrier. You are better. You are more confident. You are better suited for the job position. You deserve the job more than the other applicants do.

You must go back to and keep filling out job applications until you get the job!

Go get the job you want and thanks for sharing with your friends and family!

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First Step to Being Wealthy: Get a Job and Save Money?

Do you have a job? If not, first get a job by filling out online job applications (like mcdonalds and starbucks etc…

Once you are working and receiving a paycheck, you can begin your quest for financial freedom.

Step one is to learn how to save money. Wealthy people have a habit of “paying themselves” first. This means from every paycheck, they set aside a certain amount of money, normally at least 10% of what they earned, and they put it aside into a savings account or investment that pays interest.

The one thing that all wealthy people have in common is that they know how to manage their money.

They don’t “blow” their whole paychecks when they get paid, then are miserable until their next paycheck. No.

What they do is also set aside a percentage of every paycheck that they use for entertainment and things they want to buy. Once they’ve spent that money, they wait until their next paycheck ┬áto buy more things that they want to blow their money on.

In addition, they also set aside a percentage of every paycheck for their savings account, that they will ultimately use for investments.

How does this apply to you?

Well let’s say you fill out a Mcdonalds application or a Starbucks application and you end up getting a job. You start your paid training and receive your first paycheck. For this example, lets say you got paid $500.

What you should do is set aside 10%, which is $50. This 10% is all you have to spend on “buying” new clothes or “going out to the movies” or whatever. This $50 is all you have to “blow” until your next paycheck. The rest of the $450 will go to your saving and be used to pay your bills. I will go into the savings part in another post.

It sounds “hard,” and sure, it may be hard in the beginning, but you will get used to it and you will also be very proud of yourself for learning and taking the first steps to wealth.

Wealthy people “blow” money too, but only a percentage of what they make.

You work at at your job each day, week, year, so why blow all of your money every time you get paid?

Learn to save more than you spend. That is the first step to being wealthy.


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