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We would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! Make the most of 2013!!

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Happy New Year 2013!!

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Pharmacy Jobs: Walgreens Application Online

Read the wholeThis pharmacy has it’s roots going back over 110 years ago. The fact that they are around today and as popular as ever is a testament to how great this company is. In 1901 Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. opened his first drug store on the corner of Bowen and Cottage Grove in Chicago, Illinois.

Within three years Walgreens had grown to include five stores. During that time Walgreen, Sr. had added some amenities to his little drug store. He had added soda fountains and a lunch area. What stands Walgreens apart from the others as well is that Walgreens Sr started creating his own drug products and was selling them at a discount compared to the big name brands.

walgreens application online

Walgreens application online

This gave them leverage over other pharmacies as people always look for ways to save money. This advantage got customers coming back frequently.

Over the past 110 years, the company had continued to grow and expand and now has over 200,000 employees nationwide. With over 8,000 stores nationwide it’s no wonder why this is the leading pharmacy in the United States today.

Although they sell all sorts of items from beverages, food, household items, cosmetics, gift cards, and more, what makes Walgreens so popular is their Read the rest of this entry »

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Retail Jobs: Bed Bath and Beyond Application Online

If you don’t live close to IKEA and need to pick up some household items, then you most likely have been to Bed Bath and Beyond. This place pretty much has everything you need (and want) for every room in your house/apartment with the exception of a big variety of large furniture. It has some, but not a lot.

bed bath and beyond application online

Bed bath and beyond application online. Image credit:

Working for Bed Bath and Beyond is a great option for hard working people. Why? Because they take serious pride in the “promote from within” policy. Associates are considered for advancement based on Read the rest of this entry »

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Grocery Store Jobs: Whole Foods Application Online

Taking the healthy grocery concept by storm, Whole Foods is fast become the place to buy all your groceries because of their emphasis on organic, natural, and fresh foods, wines, and drinks. There prices are also reasonable considering the freshness and quality of the foods and brands you buy there.

whole foods application online

Whole Foods application online. Image credit.

For example, you can buy and Chips Ahoy cookies at Krogers or Safeway, but at Whole Foods, you can buy a chocolate chip cookie that is just as delicious, but fresher and with natural ingredients.

Working in an environment like this will Read the rest of this entry »

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Fast Food Jobs: Panda Express Application Online

Talk about a visionary. Coming off the success of a traditional chinese food restaurant, called Panda Inn that Andrew Cherng founded with his father, Andrew saw that there was a market for high quality chinese fast food just like there are for burger joints.

panda application online

Panda application online

So in 1983, when Andrew opened up a new concept style fast food version of Panda at the Glendale Galleria mall in Glendale, California. That first one was a smashing success and the Panda brand started to grow.

In 1991, after numerous locations were opened up at malls and grocery stores, they opened up their first street location in Long Beach, California. In 1993 they celebrated the Read the rest of this entry »

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Fast Food Jobs: Arby’s Application Online

Tired of hamburgers? If you love roast beef, chances are you’ve eaten at Arby’s. What a genius idea. Their roast beef sandwiches with horse radish sauce is out of this world! Can you say- addicting?!

Arby's application online

Arby’s application online

Arby’s got it’s start when food service veterans Leroy and Forrest Raffel opened the first the first one in Boardman, Ohio on July 23, 1964, customers enjoyed roast beef sandwiches, potato chips, and Texas-sized iced teas.
The brothers decided on the name Arby’s, because it stands for Read the rest of this entry »

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Retail Jobs: JC Pennys Application Online

J.C. Penney, known as JCP nowadays, was founded over a century ago. The founder built his store based on the principle of the Golden Rule: treat others the way you’d like to be treated – Fair and Square. It’s been a household name since James Cash Penney opened his first Golden Rule store back in 1902.

jc penney application online

JC Penneys application online

Since then the name has changed to JCP (JC Penney’s) and is one of the largest companies in the United States. This behemoth has been growing ever since it opened it’s door, which is a great Read the rest of this entry »

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