Retail Jobs: JC Pennys Application Online

J.C. Penney, known as JCP nowadays, was founded over a century ago. The founder built his store based on the principle of the Golden Rule: treat others the way you’d like to be treated – Fair and Square. It’s been a household name since James Cash Penney opened his first Golden Rule store back in 1902.

jc penney application online

JC Penneys application online

Since then the name has changed to JCP (JC Penney’s) and is one of the largest companies in the United States. This behemoth has been growing ever since it opened it’s door, which is a great sign for those seeking employment. Today JCP employs 150,000 people made up from in store, call center, and corporate associates.

Jobs at JCP are just the same as other big corporations. From retail store positions to corporate careers. They treat their employees with respect.

For college students looking for work, JCP offers a really cool leadership program that gives you the opportunity to start a vibrant career as well as enhance your education at the same time.

In store associates include store managers and assistant managers, department managers, loss prevention managers, training supervisors, etc…

If you’re a hard worker and aspire to be an effective leader, JCP should definitely be on your list of employers to target for job opportunity’s.

JC Penneys offers great job benefits and are one of the only companies that offer benefits for…see more on JC Penneys job benefits.

Read the whole article and fill out a JC Penneys application online here.


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    I like a job in sports department

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