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8 Seasonal and Holiday Jobs Hiring Right NOW!

Hey! Need to earn some extra money for the holidays? We’re fast approaching the holiday season and many companies are hiring right now to help keep up with the chaos that will ensue starting on Black Friday.

These are 7 companies that have announced big seasonal hiring opportunities, so if you’re looking for a job or just want to make supplemental income, now is a great time to jump on the opportunities that have recently been announced.

Also, don’t just fill out one job application, fill out online applications for ALL of these companies.

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1.) Toys R Us Jobs– Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

Toys R US is naturally one of the busier retailers for the holidays and as usual, they said that they’ll be hiring 40,000 employees for the upcoming 2015 holiday season. This is a great opportunity if you like to be around kids, toy, and gadgets.

Toys R Us job application onlineclick here.

2.) Babies R Us Jobs– Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

They are the parent company to Babies R Us and babies usually make out with tons of gifts for the holidays as parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties, siblings, and cousins like to pamper babies and toddlers with gifts during the holidays.

Babies R Us job application online -click here

3.) Kohls Jobs– Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

Kohls does it’s part to be a stand out community player by announcing it will hire approximately 69,000 holiday jobs this year, or about 50 new employees for every store nationwide. Go get it!

Kohls application onlineclick here.

4.) Walmart Jobs– Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

Walmart just announced that it will be hiring 60,000 seasonal employees to help out for the holiday season this year. They are the worlds largest retailer and this level of hiring matches how many they hired last year. They also said that they’ll be hiring department managers to help with online orders. Click here to apply online at Walmart

5.) UPS Holiday Jobs– Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

UPS announced the biggest numbers in terms of holiday jobs. They’ve announced that their job openings for the upcoming holiday season to 90,000-95,000. The seasonal employees to be hired are going to help with shipping and deliveries.

UPS online application- Click here

6.) Target Holiday Jobs- Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

One of the biggest and most well known retailers, Target, announced that they too will be short handed this holiday season and expects to hire 70,000 employees this year. Target, is pretty much in every major city across the nation with multiple locations in bigger cities.

Target application online Click here


7.) FedEx Holiday Jobs– Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

FedEx, another shipping titan, said that it expects to hire 55,000 employees to help with their shipping and delivery for the holiday season.

As family and friends send gifts to their loved ones around the world, Fedex becomes a major player in the shipping industry.

Fedex online application- click here


8.) Macy’s Jobs- Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

What list would be complete without Macy’s? Macy’s is one of America’s biggest and best department stores. Every year they have a huge hiring spree and this year is no different. This year, they announced that they will be hiring 85,000 seasonal employees.

Macy’s online application- click here

This is your opportunity to start making immediate income as thousands of employees are needed to fill in these spots. Not only that, if you are an excellent employee in their eyes, you have a chance to work for them after the holiday season on a regular part time or even full time basis depending on the needs of the company that you’ll be working for. So make sure you give it your all!


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