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Retail Jobs: JC Pennys Application Online

J.C. Penney, known as JCP nowadays, was founded over a century ago. The founder built his store based on the principle of the Golden Rule: treat others the way you’d like to be treated – Fair and Square. It’s been a household name since James Cash Penney opened his first Golden Rule store back in 1902.

jc penney application online

JC Penneys application online

Since then the name has changed to JCP (JC Penney’s) and is one of the largest companies in the United States. This behemoth has been growing ever since it opened it’s door, which is a great Read the rest of this entry »


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Fast Food Jobs: Sonic Application Online

When you are hungry and in the mood for a flashback to the 1950’s and 1960’s, the one fast food joint that should come to mind is Sonic Drive-in. Yes, they still roller skate up to your car window to deliver your order! And if you love to roller skate, a Sonic Drive-in “carhop” position is right up your alley! 

sonic application online

Sonic application online. Image credit:

Sonic is the leader in fast food drive-in restaurants by sticking to what made drive-ins so popular in the first place: made-to-order American classics, signature menu items, speedy service from Read the rest of this entry »

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Retail Store Jobs: Target Application Online

When you want to go discount shopping for regular but good quality everyday type of things such as household items, good quality clothes, food, electronics, baby needs, etc…You would most likely think about going to one of the biggest well known name brands like Target.

target application online

Target appliction online. Image credit:

Target is a big discount retail store that is becoming just as well know for it’s bargain as Walmart is. George Dayton founded this company after buying it from R.S Goodfellow. It started with the name “Goodfellows Dept Store and in 1903, the store changed its name to Read the rest of this entry »

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Fast Food Jobs: Wendy’s Application Online

One of the top burger chains in the world also offers one of the tastiest menus. Wendy’s Old Fashioned hamburgers was founded by Dave Thomas & John T. Schuessler on November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio.

wendys application online

Wendy’s application online. Image credit:

Being one of the top three burger chains world wide means that they are always hiring and between them and their affiliates they employ more than 46,000 people in its global operations… and constantly growing!

Wendys loves promoting people from within their company. If you start out as a burger flipper and want to apply for a management position or corporate employee, your chances of getting the job is much better than someone who is applying for the same job but never worked for their company.

Wendys job benefits include:

Comprehensive health insurance with health savings account feature
Optional dental and vision insurance coverage
401(k) with company match
Life and disability insurance
Optional supplemental life insurance for employee, spouse and children
Flexible spending account

See all of Wendys job benefits and fill out a Wendys application online here.

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Restaurant Jobs: Coco’s Application Online

A great alternative to Denny’s is a very popular restaurant named Coco’s.

Like most successful restaurants and stores, Coco’s had humble beginnings. They opened up as the Snack Shop in 1948 by John and Audrey McIntosh, the couple soon grew the restaurant to a chain of several others and in 1965 they turned all the stores into the Coco’s concept.

coco's application online

Coco’s application online. image credit:

As the name clearly suggests, the chain build its success on pies, adding several other dishes over the time. In 2002, Coco’s was bought along its sibling chain store Carrows by Read the rest of this entry »

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Abercrombie and Fitch Application Online- Apply Online

During the ending years of the 1800’s David T Abercrombie and Ezra H Fitch opened the doors to their first store. Originally the store started as an elite outfitter of sporting goods, especially shotguns, tents, and fishing rods.

The original store closed its doors in 1977 but has sense been revived as a casual luxury clothing store.

abercrombie and fitch application online

abercrombie and fitch application online

Most recently, however, its casual luxury line has been taking a hit as it has come under fire for marketing padded bikini tops to seven-year-old girls and thongs to ten-year-olds Read the rest of this entry »

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Five Guys Application Online

Let’s start by stating the obvious: Five Guys Hamburgers is a cult with plenty of temples. Then, Five Guys Hamburgers doesn’t have customers; it has fans, like a rock band or an actor. Bands and actors live of selling their art (records and movie tickets) to fans, and Five Guys Hamburgers lives of selling its art (hamburgers, fries and hotdogs) to fans for a living.

five guys hamburgers, five guys burgers

Five Guys job application is very popular these days as they are a very well known US. This is how serious Five Guys Hamburgers is taken in the United States and Canada. The company started back in the Washington, DC area in 1986, when the four young Murrell brothers were advised by their parents, Jerrie and Janie: “Business or college, you choose.” Business it was and the Murrell family opened a carry-out burger house in Arlington, Virginia.

Read the rest of this entry »

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