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How to apply for jobs online

If you’re like millions of other job seekers that are currently looking for a job, whether it’s a full time job, supplemental income, or part time job, you’re probably wondering what’s the best way to go out there and get a job?

Thanks to the internet, it’s so much easier today than back in the old day when you had to go door to door and ask for job applications.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with going door to door, but we’re talking what a better use of your time?

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Applying for jobs online will save you a whole heck of a lot of time. Just about every company that is hiring has the capability to accept your resume and or has an online application.

We’ve made it simple for you by putting them all together in one place. All you have to do is find the job that you are interested in and click the link and start filling out job applications online. It’s that simple today.

Some may even offer you the ability to upload your job resume. If you don’t have a job resume, click here to copy an example job resume and change the information to your information.

Of course, we still have out favorite jobs that are always popular and constantly hiring like Starbucks, Mcdonalds, Walmart, Denny’s, Wendy’s, and more.

When you actually go to the job interview, make sure you’re prepared to answer questions that they’ll most likely ask. Here’s some help on that.

Spring is here so start hustling to make money for our summer vacation!


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Security Guard Jobs Rising

Do you need a job where you don’t have to worry about downsizing? Here’s one career path that’s been on the rise consistently for the past decade and a half. Since Sept 11, 2001, when the World Trade Center of New York fell victim to terrorists in horrific twin plane crashes, the security guard jog industry has seen an increase in security guard job opportunities.

Everyday, you turn on the tv and the news is filled with horrible crimes across the world. What used to be safe is no longer something that you can feel safe doing today.

Click here to apply for security guard jobs online.

from kidnappings to workplace violence, we are seeing more incidents of violence and safety being compromised.

Drones in private security is popular today as an addition to security guards. Technology has been integrated seamlessly with standard human security guards at the lobby or gate of any public entrance.

Even so, security guard jobs in Los Angeles are on the rise, as well as in just about every major city in the world.

What we used to consider as common practice, was if you would see someone with their car broke down, you would never have thought twice about stopping. No, now today it just cannot be done safely. Sadly enough when your car breaks down with children in it, you might just as well start planning to walk as help is not going to stop for you. People that normally would have helped are now in fear of their lives. People that normally would have spoken to their neighbors will probably finish their life living next door to someone that you will never speak to.

People are dying and or injured by others who don’t have any self respect and so guards are being hired everywhere to prevent workplace violence, and yes, even security guards are at risk.

With the high rises in neighborhood crime, security companies are becoming so busy providing a much needed service to help people live their life as freely as they can. Businesses are hiring security companies to provide them with services depending upon the business needs. No matter where on the premises, from the security man at the door to the Security patrol in the parking lot, these new measures do help people to relax a little more when they shop at these places.
Security companies provide many types of services, not just the guard that is in uniform..

Don’t do this if you get a job as a security guard.


No, Security guards are trained to assist in emergency situations as well as your everyday run of the mill day to day guard duty. They may supply a factory with security guards that patrol and make their presence known to many with hopes of making people think twice about theft and violence on the premises. That’s the very basic philosophy of why security guards are hired.

Get a job as a security guard if you want to join a growing industry. There are more security guards in America than there are policemen. That should give you a good idea just how popular this job industry is.

Click here to apply for security guard jobs online.

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Job Search and Resume Tips for Beginners

Whether you’re on the prowl for your first job, a career change, or want to come out of retirement and looking for senior jobs, these tips may help you.

Let’s say you’re living in a city like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc… and are looking for a career change to escape that jail like environment otherwise known as the corporate cubicle. You’re looking to interact with people more and don’t want to be sitting all day.

You may want to look at retail jobs that cover everything from Starbucks jobs to working at Macy’s.

Also security guard jobs are on the rise due to the emphasis on tighter security in the workplace. Workplace violence security jobs in Los Angeles has been growing tremendously due to how large the state and its population is along with being the home of many of the worlds leading companies AND the latest workplace shooting incident in San Bernadino, just outside of Los Angeles. Check out 5 reason to become a security guard

With the minimum wage rising to $15 an hour in California, every company looking to fill their part time job openings will be bombarded with an onslaught of job seekers.

One thing to keep in mind before you start applying for jobs is to find a way to stand out among all the other job applicants. How will you do this? Well, the best and fastest way is to create a job resume. Read job resumes for beginners and here’s a teen high school example resume for you to see so you can basically copy the format and replace the example information with your information.

Your first resume will be simple but when you hand it in (along with your filled out job application) to the person who is in charge of hiring, they will be impressed that you to the time to create a resume and ll also appreciate the effort that you’re making to approach the part time job interview in a professional manner.

There are plenty of employment options for part time job seekers right now. It would help your job search greatly if you can narrow down what type of job you see yourself working in.

Remember to check frequently for the latest job tips and job application online!

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8 Seasonal and Holiday Jobs Hiring Right NOW!

Hey! Need to earn some extra money for the holidays? We’re fast approaching the holiday season and many companies are hiring right now to help keep up with the chaos that will ensue starting on Black Friday.

These are 7 companies that have announced big seasonal hiring opportunities, so if you’re looking for a job or just want to make supplemental income, now is a great time to jump on the opportunities that have recently been announced.

Also, don’t just fill out one job application, fill out online applications for ALL of these companies.

seasonal jobs holiday jobs now hiring


1.) Toys R Us Jobs– Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

Toys R US is naturally one of the busier retailers for the holidays and as usual, they said that they’ll be hiring 40,000 employees for the upcoming 2015 holiday season. This is a great opportunity if you like to be around kids, toy, and gadgets.

Toys R Us job application onlineclick here.

2.) Babies R Us Jobs– Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

They are the parent company to Babies R Us and babies usually make out with tons of gifts for the holidays as parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties, siblings, and cousins like to pamper babies and toddlers with gifts during the holidays.

Babies R Us job application online -click here

3.) Kohls Jobs– Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

Kohls does it’s part to be a stand out community player by announcing it will hire approximately 69,000 holiday jobs this year, or about 50 new employees for every store nationwide. Go get it!

Kohls application onlineclick here.

4.) Walmart Jobs– Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

Walmart just announced that it will be hiring 60,000 seasonal employees to help out for the holiday season this year. They are the worlds largest retailer and this level of hiring matches how many they hired last year. They also said that they’ll be hiring department managers to help with online orders. Click here to apply online at Walmart

5.) UPS Holiday Jobs– Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

UPS announced the biggest numbers in terms of holiday jobs. They’ve announced that their job openings for the upcoming holiday season to 90,000-95,000. The seasonal employees to be hired are going to help with shipping and deliveries.

UPS online application- Click here

6.) Target Holiday Jobs- Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

One of the biggest and most well known retailers, Target, announced that they too will be short handed this holiday season and expects to hire 70,000 employees this year. Target, is pretty much in every major city across the nation with multiple locations in bigger cities.

Target application online Click here


7.) FedEx Holiday Jobs– Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

FedEx, another shipping titan, said that it expects to hire 55,000 employees to help with their shipping and delivery for the holiday season.

As family and friends send gifts to their loved ones around the world, Fedex becomes a major player in the shipping industry.

Fedex online application- click here


8.) Macy’s Jobs- Now Hiring for Holiday Jobs

What list would be complete without Macy’s? Macy’s is one of America’s biggest and best department stores. Every year they have a huge hiring spree and this year is no different. This year, they announced that they will be hiring 85,000 seasonal employees.

Macy’s online application- click here

This is your opportunity to start making immediate income as thousands of employees are needed to fill in these spots. Not only that, if you are an excellent employee in their eyes, you have a chance to work for them after the holiday season on a regular part time or even full time basis depending on the needs of the company that you’ll be working for. So make sure you give it your all!

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Summer Job Opportunities,

Now that summer is here, it’s a great time to put all those extra free hours into making extra money for whatever you want to use it for. Whether you are saving for a backpacking trip to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc…, saving money for college, for a good reliable car, new clothes, or just to use your hard earned money to party the hot warm summer nights away.

james franco loved working at Mcdonalds

The good news is that you have a wide selection of hourly jobs that you can apply for online.

First things first. Before you begin, you must first think about what kind of work you would like to do.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you like working with food?

Do you love the latest fashion trends in clothing?

Is working with cars “your thing?”

Do want want to go home every night with cash tips from customers whose tables you were waiting?

Do you want to get into a long term career oriented job like sales, design, web related careers, etc…?

These are just some examples, but there are many more so really thin about it and figure out what kind of work environment you want to be around.

Once, you’ve figured out that, then your pathway becomes much clearer in how to approach your job search.

In the old day, you used to have to walk around, get on your bike, or in your car and go to the nearest shopping mall, business district, or neighborhood corner strip mall and go door to door search for “Help Wanted” signs. From there, you would ask for an employment application, take it home, fill it out, then go back to the establishment and hand it in.

This could take hours and hours just to fill out a 2 or 3 applications.

Thanks to technology, you can now saves hours and hours out of your week or month just by getting online and filling out job applications online.

We’ve broken down the process for you so it’s much easier for you to search for jobs by categories.

For example, if you wanted to break into show business as an extra, actor, and or model, you can go to our acting and modeling jobs page and find more information on that.

If you want to go the food route, you can visit our fast food and restaurant jobs and fill out applications online for jobs at Mcdonalds, Subway, KFC, Wendys, Dennys, Burger King, etc…

Our department and retail stores page is quite popular with applications for Macy’s, JCPenney, Nordstrom, Target, Walmart and many more. Click here for the full list of jobs available.

Many senior citizens are looking for ways to supplement their income or just want to find something to stay active and get out of the house. Senior citizen jobs and great because they’re starting out fresh just like their mean seriously, how many times can they go golfing every week?

Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many many more categories (like banking, automotive, coffee shops, health food, grocery stores, warehouse jobs, etc…) that you can select and start applying for jobs immediately.

If you were on our mailing list, you can read how actor James Franco loved working at Mcdonalds when he was just starting out on his acting career.

It’s important you take each and every job interview seriously. Your competition will take it extremely serious so if you want a chance to get the job, go in 110% prepared.

Whatever the case, get started immediately as summer has just started and is in full effect!

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We’re Now Mobile and Have More Job Applications!

Jobler has been updated to give users a much more comfortable experience on mobile and tablets. You can now apply online for jobs much easier using your cell phone and ipads/tablets.

Want to be a waiter at a great company that offers each of their general managers at every location a free BMW? If you can work your way up to becoming a general manager at The Cheesecake Factory, you WILL receive a free BMW. That is not a joke and you can see the proof by clicking the job application link and watching the video here. Most people will start off as a waiter/food server, expediter, busboy, hostess, cook, or dishwasher, and gradually work their way up. They are always voted a great place to work so go over and fill out a free online application for the Cheesecake Factory.

Also making a grand entrance onto the fast food, but with healthier burgers, scene is Shake Shack. These guys, at the moment, have just over 60 locations but plans for rapid expansion. Their reviews are great and the work environment that they cultivate keeps their employees fulfilled and loyal. Click here for the Shake Shake application online and job benefits

Watch this funny video and how this guy, Daym, breakdown the food at White Castle.

Yeah, we’re hungry too! White Castle employees love working there and love eating their food on their breaks. You can go here and fill out an online application at White Castle.

And as a friendly reminder, before you go in for your job interview, you need to get prepared. Be prepared to talk about your interests and how much you enjoy being part of a “team environment.” It’s essential that you convey that message. Nobody wants to hire a person who only cares about themselves or who doesn’t contribute effectively.  Be the kind of person that everyone wants to hire. Be the kind of person that has many job offers to choose from. Also, it is EXTREMELY important that you dress for success for your job interviews.

bring your a game, dress for successPlease, do yourself a favor and buy one or two very sharp looking and well fitted suits or dresses to wear for your job interviews. Looking sharp and well groomed is absolutely going to count when you’re interviewing. Make that first impression stand out among the crowd. Walk in with a confidence that will make you an irresistible candidate, one that they have to have their team or work force. Bring your “A Game” like any star athlete does to every game they play.

You may not get the results you want every time, but at least you gave it your all.

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Popular Fast Food Job Applications Online

It’s 2015 and it’s time to get back to the basics. Let’s go over some of the more popular online job applications for part time jobs.

All of these companies allow you to fill out job applications online, which can save you tremendous amounts of time.

It’s important to remember that finding a good job is simply a numbers game. The more companies that you apply for, the better you chances of landing job interviews and ultimately some will lead to job opportunities.

Subway’s are always so popular to work at. They are the 85th most popular brand in the world according to Forbes. They have good training and with their constant tv ads and popular real life customer/spokesperson Jared, you’re sure to stay busy. Subway’s job applications online can be found here.

If you love fresh delicious creamy desserts, you have in check out Pinkberry. It’s known to be a fun place to work and how could you not love being around their fresh creamy frozen yogurt. You must learn to work in a face paced environment because a single Pinkberry location can bring in 1,500 customers a day. Pinkberry online applications can be found here.

Burger King jobs, home of the Whopper, is the chief rival to Mcdonalds jobs. Ninety percent of the time, wherever you see a Mcdonalds, you’ll see a Burger King either across the street or close by, and guess what, they are both busy. Burger King job application online here.

KFC is king of the chicken fast food restaurants. Although Popeyes and Chik-fil-A are also very popular, they can’t touch the dominance of the colonel. They’ve been around for more than 60 years and are one of the worlds most famous brands. With the Colonels original recipe chicken, cream mashed potatoes, corn, and biscuit with gravy, how could you not want to work at a place like this and finish the day with a great meal. KFC application online here.

Mcdonalds is king of all fast food restaurants. Who, in this universe, has never heard of the Big Mac? Ronald Mcdonald and his gang has been around since the 1950’s. Hamburger University is their famous training school and training system that was pretty much copied by by most fast food restaurants today. Working for them will teach you how to become a great team player and work fast and effectively at all times, especially under pressure. Work at Mcdonalds for great training that you can take with you for life.

Remember, before you even head out to any job interview, make sure you know how to dress for a job interview. Just remember that every job interview is an opportunity to “sell yourself” to potential employers. There sill be many people applying for the same job you are so it’s important to look your BEST and be your BEST. You have to ask yourself, “Why should they choose me over all of the other job candidates?”

Believe me, appearance is a big factor so go here and read more on job interview tips.

Follow up!

It doesn’t stop at filling out the job application online, you MUST follow up with management! You should stop in or call the location that you applied for to see if they got your job application and ask “When can I come in for an interview?” Take control and ask for the interview, don’t wait for them to mention it.

Employers love hungry job candidates. They want to see how bad you want the job. They want to see what it means to you to work at their company. This isn’t true just for part time jobs, this will be true for any career you choose in the future so always practice asking for the job interviews!

Good luck and stay tuned as we showcase more popular job applications online.

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