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Retail Jobs: Hollister Application Online

It doesn’t get any closer to being a twin brother to Abercrombie & Fitch than Hollister.

While Hollister has a lengthy history, it is not all a reality. The pseudo-history of this company is meant to give the company a certain feel to the brand.

This company’s pseudo-history revolves around John M. Hollister, Sr. Stating that the company opened its in 1920, it claims to still be managed by the Hollister’s. In reality, Hollister Co. is a spin-off brand of Abercrombie and Fitch and the first store was opened in July of 2000.

hollister application online

hollister application online

The merchandise they sell is mainly to high school students and sells tees, shorts, polos, jeans, Henley’s, knits, outerwear, boxers, flip-flops and even fragrances.

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