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Walmart Job Application: Walmart Hiring 22,000 employees!

Not every company is suffering during these tough economic times. Walmart, the worlds largest retailer, has just announced that it will be hiring approximately 22,000 more employees to roughly 150 new or expanded stores.

In 2008 Walmart hired 33,800 employees. Like Amazon, they’re doing same day delivery too now.

With so many people unemployed or looking to find part time employment in addition to their current job, they should consider filling out an online Wal-mart part time job application as soon as possible. Walmart part time job benefits are incredible for their employees and because they are the worlds largest retailer you will have plenty of other opportunities to move up within the corporation.


Filling out part time job applications for Walmart is easier today than it was a few years ago because you can now fill out a Wal-mart job application online.

The unemployment level is at an all time high since the Great Depression, but the key to not being a part of this horrifying statistic is to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

As you can see with Walmart, no matter how hard times may be, there are plenty of opportunities all around us.

Build momentum by continually applying for part time jobs and don’t stop until you are hired at the places that you want to be hired at.

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Walmart is a perfect place to work for college students, senior citizen jobs, and anyone else looking for extra income with excellent benefits.

What is also a nice little side benefit to working at Walmart is that if you ever wanted to move around the country from coast to coast you just may be able to transfer to another location, eliminating the hassle of trying to find another job every time you move!


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